Hamlin Information Center 
Welcome to the Hamlin Township Information Center. It was begun February 17, 1997 to fill the information gap here in our Township.  These pages contain relevent information to residents of Hamlin Township, Mason County, MI regarding government, zoning and the way things work.

This is an UNOFFICIAL page. It is not produced by the Hamlin Township officials, but by me, Barbara Forgue, a resident of Hamlin Township. The officials of Hamlin Township want to be sure you know that they have nothing to do with this page.

All information contained herein is public information. The source of agendas, financial information, zoning laws etcetera is data distributed at public meetings and public documents. Be sure to contact the township directly if you have specific questions, or need clarification.

Please let me know what else you'd like to see, so I can add it to these pages. This is meant to be an evolving information source. ENTER 

In rememberance of Michael Kelly 1941- 1997 
Last updated 6/11/98