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Hi. This my home page. My page will hopefully be updated a lot. I am a big Detroit Piston fan, love playing N64 games, and shooting hoops. If possible I will try to add as many good links as possible. If you would like to e-mail me, please do. Also, if you would like to be entered in my guestbook, please fill out this form, or if you would like to check out my links, click here. NEW I have begun trying to program simple Java Applets. It is very difficult, even after reading the 400 page book I purchased from a local bookstore. I am to the point that I can have text scroll very fast across the screen and blink (blinking was not my idea it just did it). I need to double-buffer it which prevents blinking or animation flicker. Hopefully, I can fix this problem and be able to post it here. Finally, I fixed the problem. You can see the applet above (if you have an applet compatible browser and java is enabled). Within the next few weeks I hope to have the applet working well enough you can click on links and have it take you to the links page. (:>)
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