Welcome to THE REALM, (OK, where the REALM entry point will be) here be a virtual world for you to explore, settle, and even build onto.

I really am not sure what to call this. I could call it a MUD, but though it will have some MUD like features, it is not written anything like one. You might consider it a port of a text adventure game to the net, but with the ability of multi-players at one time. Anyway you look at it, this is extremely experimental.

Feedback (Guest book)

A few people have asked how to do a guest book on their web pages. So I am looking at different ways of doing one. And also it will give you a way of hounding me about getting the Realm up and running, or just say hi or give ideas as to things you would like to see here. So please make use of this (I like feedback).

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Last update Feb. 26, 1997